Friday, May 11, 2018

Rise Above

Everyone is born on this earth with a minimum potential to survive. As human beings, we have been given the mind and intelligence to rise above our minimum potential and do great things in life, but the awareness for the same does not come easy. 

We are faced with many situations in life. The positive situations help us to go forward happily in life. It is most easy to go through a positive and happy phase. However, the negative situations are not easy to deal with. Every person has a different approach to handle negativities. Either you overcome the negativity or it engulfs you.

Negative situations can have two impacts on a person; either the person succumbs to the situation and give up or the person takes it as a challenge and work towards improving the same. Negative situations in life has a hidden meaning. They come as opportunities for us to go beyond our known potential. Negative situations are a source to make us aware of our actual capability of what we can actually do. Along with the awareness, comes the strength, both physical and mental, which was never known to us. With this fresh awareness and new physical and mental strength, it becomes possible to achieve anything and everything in life.  

Friday, January 13, 2017

Its a new day

Its a new day and what a beautiful day it is!!!! Look around, notice the beauty of nature that God has given us, the beauty of people walking, rushing, relaxing, enjoying, the beauty of things that fills the emptiness. Look within and notice your inner beauty, the beauty of your soul, of your mind and of your physicality.

God has made everything beautiful including you. You are special and have been gifted this life for a purpose. There is surely something that makes you happy, something that gives you contentment, something that satisfies your soul. What is it? Find out and take action. Please yourself, please your mind, please your soul.

The day belongs to you, its yours and no one can take it away from you. The day comes on its own, make it your own. You get so many moments to live, live each of them with love and happiness. Everyday is a new day, begin it with a smile. Add color to your days, help someone, forgive someone, make yourself happy, spread peace, love. You will never get this day back, you will never get this moment back. Own your day and live it your way.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nature Heals

We all use the gift of words with those who have “souls” in the literal sense of the word as we understand it. The fact is that everything that God has created has a Divine Soul in it- mountains, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, trees, plants, flowers, sun, moon, clouds, stars and many others. God has given us Nature, so beautiful and full of life. Have a conversation with Nature, it responds, like any other soulful being.

Walk on a beach, sit in a garden, lie under the stars, watch the river flowing- make a connection and see the magic happening. Nature heals. It gives you supreme peace and eternal serenity and alleviates mental and emotional stress.

Give yourself a chance and come close to nature. Let nothing stop you because one thing that no one can take away from you are your thoughts. You can walk on a beach sitting in your lounge; you can sit in a garden being in your study; you can lie under the stars in the comfort of your room and you can watch the river flowing from your balcony. Just feel it in your thoughts and you are there.

Take yourself to the mountains, to the beach or to a garden. Look around, see the sun rising, the yellow butterfly, the pearl in the sea shell, the small blue bird, the path with flowers on either side, the water flowing down the hill. Amaze yourself with the infinite beauty. Smell the fragrance in the air. Touch the clear water in the river. Observe the  flawless beauty of the flowers. Perceive the indefinite blue sky. Sense the raindrops on your skin. Feel the boundless love of everything around you. Reach out to “Nature” and heal yourself.

Retain your Power

It is very easy for us to give our powers to others and we do it all the time. People around us may behave in a certain way which makes us react to them in an inappropriate manner. We are not responsible for people’s behaviour but we are, for our reactions and responses. 

We have the power to choose our responses. Do not give it away to others. The choice of our response to someone decides whether we give away our right to be happy to that person or we ourselves hold the rein.

An important aspect of not letting the power go away is to forgive. Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about ourselves. We need to forgive people for our own happiness. If we do not forgive, we are choosing to hold on to the thought which will give us discomfort and pain. We need to let go and be at peace within ourselves. The power is in our hands and it is we who decide whether to be happy and peaceful or let it keep disturbing us. The act of forgiveness is to free yourself of the negative energies that the other person created in and around you with his behaviour. 

You have the power and the right to choose how you feel, how you respond and how you behave. Do not be affected by external circumstances or other people’s behaviour. If you are strong in yourself and choose to be happy irrespective of any external factor, no one can change that because you did not let your power go away. Not letting your self affected by other person’s behaviour does not mean that you are accepting that behaviour. It is just that you do not want to let it change the way you feel. It is about you and not the other person.

It is important for us to realize our strength. The reason for our happiness or sadness lies with us and no one else. Retain the power and keep pulling your own strings.

The Power of Crystals Explained

Crystals have the power to heal. The natural crystals and stones contain the energies that can be used to heal your mind, body and soul. It emanates positive energy which is very powerful in removing negativity from an individual or a place. Some of the crystals and their energies are explained below-  

Amber symbolizes power, command and authority. It brings victory despite competition and opposition. It strengthens the memory and intellect and provides decisiveness. It has powerful healing crystal and absorbs pain and negative energy It helps in problems related to throat, stomach, kidney, bladder, spleen, liver and joints. It is a natural antibiotic. 

Amethyst symbolizes piety and spiritual wisdom. It helps to focus and concentrate. If one has difficulty in focusing and the mind wanders, amethyst is the stone for them. It calms the mind to a meditative state and clears the mind clutter. It helps to strengthen the immune system. It also relieves sleep disorders, imbalances of the respiratory track, skin problems and headaches.

Aquamarine symbolizes anything connected with water. It also relates to heaven that is reflected on the surface of water. The reflection becomes the mirror image making it possible to discover the hidden meanings of reality. It increases the intellectual reasoning and overcomes the fear of speaking. It facilitates conviction and clarity in speech.

As the name suggests, Bloodstone purifies and cleanses the blood. It calms the mind and gives clarity of thought. It assists in adjusting to unaccustomed situations. It enhances, calmness and patience. It regulates the blood flow and help in blood circulation. It is good for problems related to liver, kidney, spleen, intestines and bladder and ofcourse, blood.

Carnelian is a stone of courage and inspiration. It helps us overcome our fears. It removes negativity and depression and brings in the feeling of optimism. It protects against anger, envy and resentment. It helps in problems related to lower back, arthritis and depression. It helps in the healing of kidneys, bones and ligaments.

Chalcedony promotes harmony and fellowship. It enhances the feeling of generosity and kindness. It removes negative thoughts and self-doubt. It also increases physical energy. It helps in the healing of eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen and blood.

Chrysoparse stimulates creativity and inner talents. It enhances the feeling of compassion and forgiveness. It reduces sleep disorders and helps to reduce jealousy, resentment, greed and selfishness. 

Citrine posseses the power of the Sun and it is an excellent stone to overcome depression and fears. It helps in urinary, kidney, bladder & digestive troubles. It supports generosity and also helps in holding on to the wealth. It also promotes peace and calmness in most challenging of the situations.

Garnet enhances physical strength, endurance and vigor. It brings about the feelings of passion, fidelity, loyalty, self esteem,, energy, faith, consistency and truth in a person. It is a great remedy for hemorrhages and inflammatory problems. It also helps in problems related to skin, heart and blood. 

Goldstone is the stone of ambition. It brings about confidence, drive, positive attitude and energy. It helps in stomach ailments, joint problems, arthritis and other bone related problems. 

Iolite stimulates vision and intuition. It promotes clarity of thought and helps in expressing your true self without any influence. It helps the body get rid of fat and reduces the effects of alcohol. It is a great remedy for malaria and fever. 

Jade symbolizes dream. It promotes harmony and helps in issues related to relationships. It creates a great emotional balance within onself anf enhances stability. It clears the toxins from the body and helps in kidney problems. 

Jasper is a supreme nurturer. It sustains through times of hardships and stress and brings about peace and calmness. It provides protection against negative energy and promotes positivity. It helps a person during prolonged illness and revitalizes the body.

Margonite is a symbol of divine love. It is associated with the heart. It cleanses the body of emotional distress, anxiety and old burdens. It brings about a spirit of divine love, upliftment of energy and spiritual growth.It helps girls entering puberty and also helps in eating disorders.

Moss Agate
Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. It refreshes the inner soul and helps to see positivity in everything you possess. It promotes new ideas, self-expression and effective communication. It helps reduce inflammatory and circulatory problems. It helps to alleviate cold, flu, fever and pain.

Nebula Stone
Nebula stone enhances one’s awareness of being an integral part of the universe. It helps in the times of tragedy and despair and promotes kindness. It frees the mind of burdens and supports new ventures. 

Obsidian is a symbol of protection. It is a powerful stone which absorbs the negative energy from the environment. It helps in getting rid from the past wounds. It helps in reducing arthritis, joint problems, digestion problems and cramps. 

Onyx represents reoccurrence. It makes us believe that if something has been lost, it will come back. If there is death, rebirth will happen. If there is separation, reunion will be there. Thus, it removes the feeling of attachment and possessiveness. It alleviates pain in problems related to bone, teeth, feet and blood.

Opal represents one’s emotional self. It helps in stabilizing emotional disbalance. It brings about loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity and also erotic desires. It strengthens the memory power. It helps in treating infections, fever, kidney and blood related problems.

Pearl is associated with purity, charity, integrity, truth and loyalty. It enhances personal integrity. It ahs a calming effect and helps alleviate anger. It helps in the treatment of digestive disorders and soft tissues. It increases fertility and also alleviates labor pain.

Peridot is a stone of lightness that counters the effect of negativity. It balances the internal emotions and calms the nervous system. It helps in detoxification and aids in problems related with kidney, bladder and stomach. It is an excellent healer for insect bites.

Petalite is used to stress, worry and anxiety. It protects and balances the energies in the body and heals emotional traumas. It relaxes and calms the mind. It stimulates communication skills and clear speech. It helps in treating the psychological imbalances.

Phenacite helps in one’s personal and spiritual growth. It reenergizes the body with vibrational energy and supports the mind to go beyond its normal capacity. It clears the mind and allows access to higher dimensions. It has the healing capacity to cure nerve damage and brain problems.

Ruby is associated with the Sun and is a stone of love, energy, passion, courage and power. It encourages zest for life, integrity and devotion. It motivates and helps setting of positive goals. It aids in holing onto wealth. It detoxifies the bloods and treats fevers, heart and kidney diseases.

Sapphire helps one to connect with the universe and one’s inner spiritual self. It provides motivation and helps to move forward in life. It suppresses negative thoughts and provides joy, prosperity and inner peace.

Seraphinite is an angelic and spiritual stone. It facilitates connection with the angels . It enhances psychic abilities and intuition. It also makes one experience connection to an angelic realm during meditation. It provides relief from chills, helps weight loss and treats neck problems.

Sodalite brings about mental clarity and enhances rational thought. It promotes self esteem and helps overcome distress. It encourages team work and helps in creating harmony. It treats high blood pressure, sore throats, fever and digestive problems.

Sugilite is a spiritual stone and promotes universal love. It helps discover the meaning and purpose of your existence. It dispels negativity and anger and brings about peace, harmony and calmness. It helps to alleviate headaches and other pains and inflammatory troubles

Sunstone is a symbol of leadership. It facilitates power, freedom, strength and courage. It helps overcome the fear of dark and enclosed places. It treats sore throats, ulcers, spine and feet problems.

Tanzanite harmonizes and creates unity in mind and the heart. It promotes compassion and spirituality. It stimulates the creative abilities and increases awareness and consciousness. It strengthens the immune system, heals illnesses of the ovaries and testicles. It also treats the heart, lungs, spleen, pancreas, head, throat and chest.

Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye partly possesses the power of the earth and partly the power of the sun. It attracts wealth and luck. It is the stone of empowerment and provides courage and strength. It draws out the qualities of a tiger such as focus and determination. It is beneficial in situations of anxiety and procrastination. 

Topaz is a stone of love and good fortune. It directs the energy to where it is most needed. It reenergizes, recharges and remotivates the senses. It promotes love, truth, generosity and forgiveness. It is beneficial for digestion and eating disorders and stimulates metabolism.

Tourmaline helps in the holistic healing of the body and mind. It balances the energies in converts the negative energy into positive. It helps in better sleep and protects from nightmares. It helps in healing muscular pains, back problems and arthritis.

Turquoise is a stone of purity. It repels negative energy. It stabilizes mood swings and promotes tranquility and inner peace. It prevents depression and panic attacks. It also enhances love and romance. It treats acidity, stomach problems, lung problems, viral infections, eye problems and sore throats.

Six ways to get spark back in your marriage

Many people believe that marriage is another name of compromise. Yes, but this is half the truth. You have to make compromises but not at the cost of your own happiness. This where people go wrong. You let go of your own happiness for others, whereas to make others happy, you first need to be happy yourself. With time, things are taken for granted, which is very natural, and the spark disappears from the relationship. This is not the end. It is possible to revive the relationship and get back that spark. Follow these simple rules and see the spark being ignited in the relationship.

1. Communication: You need to communicate with your spouse on regular basis. You share major happenings with your spouse, but it is more important to share little everyday things that might not really seem necessary, but it will definitely increase the friendly bond between the two of you.

2. Spend Time: Make sure to take out time everyday, whether it is a 10-minute coffee together or an hour long chat in a balcony. Here, whether you talk or what you talk is not really of importance, just being together is the key. With time, you will look forward for this time together and the spark will surely come back.

3. Greetings: This is a small gesture but is very important to keep the bond strong. Greet your spouse as you greet your friends, family, colleagues, with a smile. Kiss them goodbye as you would do to a friend. We generally miss out on these small articles, which are actually very important to keep the relationship happy.

4. Vacation: Holidaying together, atleast once a year, is another important factor. Change of the environment and away from the regular routine, together, once a while, is extremely significant in making the love between the two deeper.

5. Accept: It is not always the other person’s fault. Accept, if you are wrong, apologize, say sorry. Ego should never come in between the two, if you really love your spouse. There is a very thin line between self respect and ego, do not mistake as the two being one. 

6. Make that extra effort: When you started off, you used to do a little extra to make the other person feel important. Now, when you have the person in your life, why stop that effort. Do a little extra, give surprise, get gifts, appreciate and make your spouse feel happy. Giving happiness will get you greater happiness. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Unexplained Relation

People have changed…..their priorities have changed. The definition of “relation” has been transformed. It has been a revolutionary shift. I have always known relations as that of love, care, genuineness, trust, dependence- they were real and authentic. Relations were not “made”, they just happened. They were never conditional. Today, these are mere words. Relations today are set-up considering factors which never mattered- wealth, status, position, power!!!! The significance of relations have degraded or rather been lost.
It surely is disheartening, but there is water in the desert- not a mirage but real water. There are some relations which ensue with time. They have no appellation and you cannot describe them, but they exist. These relations are pure and untainted. The mere words mentioned above come to life. It is magical. It feels wonderful to know that there is this one person who genuinely care and not just pretend. You are someone special for somebody and there is someone special for you in your life. You can share anything and everything with each other. No pretentions….no hidden facts…..just yourself as you are. This relation gives meaning to your life and it becomes the priority over all other relations, which just remain names.
It is astounding to know that something which has a title and can be described has no significance and something which is a mystery is meaningful in true and complete sense of the word. It feels great to have one such unexplained relation to whom you can call without looking at the watch……send flowers without waiting for a special occasion…..ask without hesitation……say without thinking……be just YOU.
An unexplained relation gives a soul to genuineness….a heartbeat to trust…..a breath to love and a life to you.